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08 August 2007 @ 12:41 am
so let me go  
Preview: Genesis' arms wrapped arouns Narcissa's son's, Draco, neck.

Genesis steped onto Platform 9¾, searching the crowd for the familiar sight of pale and blonde. Instead, the eleven year old nearly fell back as arms wrapped around her neck. Genesis pulled back, smiling at her friend.

"Hello Amelia have a good holiday?" Genesis asked.

Amelia Novak was entering her first year as well. The girl had brown hair, light enough to resemle a red heads, blue-green eyes and was tall for the average eleven-year old. She was thrilled to be joinning her brother Samuel, who was a second year himself. She smiled at Genesis. "Oh it was wonderful. A bit odd to be thinking its summer and having to pack snow gear. Australia is lovely though." She answered.

Genesis smiled brightly, spotting the original form she had stepped onto the platform to see. She excused herself from Amelia, Dyanel following after Genesis for a moment then paused; realizing who her daughter was meeting. Dyanel's eyes met Narcissa Malfoy's as Genesis' arms wrapped around Narcissa's son's, Draco, neck. It was like a part of her daughter could still remember the times they used to play together at Malfoy Manor. Draco hugged her back, whispering something in her ear as Dyanel joined Narcissa.

"Cissy, good to see you." Dyanel remarked.

Narcissa looked at Dyanel carefully, an unpleasant smile crossing her pale face. "Dyanel, pleasure's all mine. I see Genesis has grown up well. Have seen you since the birth of Isaak. How old is Adam now? Seven isn't he?" Narcissa looked down at the boy hiding behind Dyanel's legs.

Dyanel smiled, putting a hand on Adam's head as if protecting her son from whatever Narcissa had to say to him. "Just turned seven last month. How's Cassandra? If I remembered correctly she cannot leave her brother alone for five minutes." Dyanel retorted.

"Yes well, Cass wanted to study in France. I almost did the same for my Draco, but Lucius decided Hogwarts was best to keep the family tradition of couse." Narcissa seemed to smile a bit more proud of her son.

Dryanel gave a short curt nod. "Oh how lovely. Genesis could not stop talking about her friends. I hear the Laurie twins start this year as well as Crabbe and Goyle's." She named off the Death Eaters, not making this claim aloud completely to Narcissa. It was the reason they had fought. They realized in the end they had completely different views.

Narcissa's unpleasant smile returned. "Yes, Ian and Isis. I saw little Amelia Novak with Genesis a few moments before. I thought they were staying in Austrailia." She stated this in a form of a question.

Dyanel shook her head. "No, Samuel's in his second year. I believe they didn't want to take him out." She answered.

The train whistle blew and Adam tugged on the hem of her sleeve. "Mum, Genesis needs to get on the train." He said in a small voice.

Dyanel looked down at her son, giving him a smile "Yes, you're right." She looked back at Narcissa. "I'll see you Cissa." She said simply.

Narcissa smiled once more, looking back at her pwn son. Genesis separated from Draco as Dyanel took her trunk from her hand. She looked up at her mother curiously. "Draco was telling me about Harry Potter. He'd be of age by now mum. Isn't that amazing? Harry Potter at Hogwarts. I hope we're in the same house." Genesis exclaimed. At that moment Adam and Genesis started going on animatedly about Harry Potter. Dyanel smiled as she walked Genesis onto the train and to an empty compartment. Her thoughts drifted for a moment; Had it really been ten years since James and Lily lost their lives to Voldemort? She wondered.

"Mum... you're not listening!" Genesis whined.

Dyanel shook her head, looking down at Genesis. "I'm sorry Gen, what were you saying?"

Genesis huffed. "I asked why I do I get to go to Hogwarts a year earlier than normal children?" She asked, picking up her cat, Cheebs from his basket.

Dyanel looked at her daught and smiled softly. She kneeled down so that they were face to face. "Because you are the daughter of a Lona. Your blood is special. You do not grow accordingly to most people like you. I'll explain it better when you're older. Right now, just enjoy your first year and write us." She said, kissing the top of her forehead.

Genesis smiled, huggin her mother tightly. "I will Mum."

Dyanel grinned. "Now, don't go bragging either. Vanit is -"

"is the cruelest way to present yourself. Yeah, yeah. Go, you'll embarass me." Genesis remarked as the whistle blew again.

Dyanel smiled once more, taking Adam's hand. "All right Adam, say goodbye to your sister. You won't see her till Christmas." She announced.

Adam smiled at Genesis. "Tell me all about Professor Snape okay?" He whispered to her as he hugged her.

Genesis laughed. "Okay, don't have too much fun without me and keep mum and dad safe?" She asked her brother.

Adam nodded. "I will Gen. Don't forget okay? Don't forget to ask Harry if he knows dark magic."

"Adam." Dyanel warned. She was wondering what was with her son's fascination with the Dark Arts. She was beginning to feel Remus was letting their son hang around him too much when he was studying.

Adam pulled back from his sister, hands moving into his pockets. "What?" He asked smiling a bit.

Dyanel shook her head. "Come on, your father is waiting for us." She insisted. She gave Genesis another hug.

"I send my love to him." Genesiss added.

"Of course." Dyanel said.

The two left the train, Dyanel pulling Adam to her side as it started to depart. Genesis watched out of the window as her brother and mother slowly faded from her vision. She was going to definitely enjoy her freedom at Hogwarts.
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