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22 October 2010 @ 11:54 pm
See the Future  
The picture of Sirius seemed to wink at her and she froze.

"Mum, who's Sirius Black?" Adam asked, padding into the dining room with the Daily Prophet in his hand. He had his pajamas on and his hair a mess. Dyanel looked up from the stove and over at Remus who was pouring some tea out into Genesis' cup. Adam had never seen his parents look so ill. "Mum?" He asked.

Remus cleared his throat and took the paper from his son as he sat down at the table next to him. He face grew a bit sad as he saw the crazed man who was once his best friend. "A death eater during the time of You-Know-Who. He killed Muggles after You-Know-Who fell and was sent to Azkaban for it." He said.

"How'd he escape?" Adam asked.

That Remus couldn't answer, he looked over at Dyanel who was biting her bottom lip. "That's the thing Adam, you don't. We need to be weary this summer when we go into Hogsmeade and the like." Dyanel remarked. "Now how about some scrambled eggs?" She said smiling.

"Love some Mum." Genesis remarked walking into room.

Dyanel smiled. "Did you get your letters from the table? I think Amelia wrote you back, and Draco too." She said.

Genesis frowned. "I don't want to hear what Draco has to say." She remarked, tossing the letter into the trash bin.

"Oh you two got along so well what happened?" Remus asked trying not to look a bit proud of her.

Genesis gave her dad the 'I Don't Want To Talk About It' face and he didn't press her. "Mum are you really accepting Dumbledore's offer, I mean you're really coming back?" She asked.

Dyanel smiled. "It would be nice to get back to teaching again. Your father received a position as well." She said proudly, serving Remus some eggs after she served Adam and Genesis.

Genesis froze. "You mean, I'm going to have you, Dad and Adam at school? Great one big family reunion." She muttered picking at her eggs.

"Oh don't be so tormented you're thirteen it could be worse. Much worse." Dyanel remarked as she sat down and looked at the front page of the paper Remus was reading. The picture of Sirius seemed to wink at her and she froze.

"Mum, you okay?" Adam asked.

Dyanel smiled. "Yes sweetie. Eat your breakfast." She said picking up her own fork.

"I don't know what I'm going to do." Dyanel told Linx as she paced back in forth at her sister's flat.

Linx sipped from her wine glass and smirked. "You could just ignore it. He won't come after you. He knows you're too powerful." Linx stated leaning against her chair and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

"Oh right because Harry Potter is the top of his list. Never mind the fact that he knew I was pregnant with his child and she doesn't even know for that matter and if he comes after her so help me Linx he won't live to even see the Dementor's kiss." She growled.

Linx analyzed Dyanel in her head and gave a smile. "You see Dy, Sirius Black wasn't calling your name when he left Azakaban so clearly he isn't after you and there's something about little Harry that is of major importance." Linx remarked.

Dyanel bit her thumbnail. "I hope you're right. I still can't understand why we can't figure out this mess. We can't meddle with a freaking wizard who wants to condemn the magic to darkness and we have to sit and let things unfold." She grumbled.

"We can't Dy as much as I want a good fight and as much as we blend in we can't." She said finishing off her wine. "When are you going to tell Genesis Moony isn't her real dad?" Linx asked.

"She's got enough to deal with Linx. I can't spring that on her." Dyanel said.

Linx sighed. "Yeah well I wish we had known sooner we're related." Linx answered.

"That's different we knew our parents and family line killed people. My children on the other hand - "

"Are completely oblivious to what power flows through their veins. Honestly Dy you can't be normal forever. They'll find out and let's pray that its not the hard way." Linx said, pouring another glass.

Dyanel looked inside where Genesis was reading a book. "Yeah I hope not at all." She said.