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09 November 2010 @ 09:44 pm
Chapter 25  
Preview: The dementor moved quickly from her as if intrigued by something and it moved down the train.

Genesis fixed her hair in the window of the Hogwart's Express as she watched Dyanel and her brother Adam hug and kiss from the platform. Amelia watched her with a raised eyebrow.

“I don't see why you're not out there. You usually get along so well with your Mum.” She remarked.

Genesis let out a sigh, looking back from the window and at Amelia. “It just feels like she's hiding something from me lately. I mean, I'm thirteen years old I'm pretty sure I can handle it.” She answered, biting her bottom lip.

Amelia thought for a moment. “You don't think its because she's coming back to teaching do you? I mean, both of your parents are so maybe she's trying to play it cool.” Amelia suggested.

Genesis thought on this for a second and her gut was telling her otherwise. “Maybe.” She agreed not wanting to push it.

“So have your parents told you anything about this Sirius Black fellow?” Caitlin asked. “All I know is he got sent to Azkaban after You-Know-Who fell.”

Genesis shook her head, leaving out how quiet her parents had been all summer about it. “No the same.” She remarked, getting up.

“Where you going?” Amelia asked.

“I just spotted Ginny. I'll be back.” She remarked sliding the door open and following a group of second years.

Someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into a room. She turned to face the person and she smirked. “You know you can just say hello or write a letter.” She said, facing Draco and crossing her arms over her chest.

“I did write a letter. You didn't get it?” He asked.

Genesis rolled her eyes. “I might have.” She remarked annoyed. “Is there something you wanted to say?” She asked, wanting to walk away right now. Draco looked at her and he let out a deep breath. Genesis huffed, pushing him aside and opening the compartment door. “Unless you have an apology for me Draco don't do this again.” She said with warning in her voice.

The train whistled and it started to move. Genesis groaned looking around trying to find any sight of where Ginny went. She spotted red hair coming out of a compartment and she made her way over. “Ginny” she called out.

Ginny looked down the aisle and gave her a smile. “Hello Gen, how was your holiday?” She asked coming over.

Genesis paused, suddenly she heard a lot of things at once. She looked around hearing people's voices muttering more to themselves than to her in particular. Ginny was staring at her in wonder. “Genesis? Are you -”

“Fine Ginny. Sorry I thought I heard someone calling my name.” She said giving the girl a smile. She was hearing voices again “Sirius Black escaped to come after you? Oh, Harry... you'll have to be really, really careful. Don't go looking for trouble, Harry -”

“Genesis?” Ginny asked.

Genesis looked up she had been ignoring what Ginny had said. “Hm?”

“I was asking if you were excited about your mum being back.” Ginny asked, watching Genesis carefully.

Genesis smiled softly. “Yeah Adam's more excited than I am but they promised to leave me alone. I didn't take Runes. I wanted to but with Mum teaching them it'd feel odd.” She remarked. “How was Egypt?”

Ginny smiled up at her. “It was great. We got to see Bill and everything. Never thought I'd get to see so many interesting artifacts.” She said beaming brightly.

Genesis smiled a small part of her wanting to go to Egypt now. She watched Draco come out of his compartment with Crabbe and Goyle and she groaned. “When is that boy ever going to grow up?” She remarked.

Ginny followed her gaze and joined her in rolling her eyes. “Weren't you two the best of friends?” She asked.

Genesis nodded. “Yeah, but we got into a fight last year and well we haven't really been talking since.” She remarked.

Ginny smirked. “To think Draco Malfoy actually has feelings.” She said.

“He does believe it or not. He's just not good at being nice.” She replied.

Ginny laughed but then stopped when the lady with the food cart came down. They bought a few things for themselves and Genesis smiled. “I better go rejoin Cait and Amelia. I'm sure Isis is there too. See you later Gin.” She remarked with a smile.

Ginny nodded giving her a wave. Genesis walked back down the train to her compartment where Caitlin was sitting with her knees up and a book laying out on them. Isis and Amelia looked up from the conversation and Isis smirked. “Nice of you to join us. Where have you been anyway?” She asked.

“Oh I was just talking to Ginny.” Genesis answered.

Amelia made a face. “I don't get what you see in her.” She muttered.

“She's really nice Amelia and after last year she deserves a friend right now.” Genesis answered and gave Amelia a stern look.

“Yeah well you don't have to ditch us all the time for her.” Amelia mouthed.

Genesis rolled her eyes. “Well maybe if you were in my house you'd understand people better Amelia.” She remarked.

Amelia went to say something but paused as the train started to slow down. The four of them all looked at each other the same question in their eyes. Genesis got up immediately looking down the corridor of the train. The windows were fogging and everyone on the train seemed to be hushing down as well. She let out a long breath and she could see the steam from the air. Happy and cheery. So much food. Forget Black. Eat what we can She heard softly. She looked behind her and a dark hooded figure stood before her. She stared at it, gulping a bit as the robes lifted a scaly hand pointing at her. Genesis stood where she was, picking up her wand “Expecto -”

The dementor moved quickly from her as if intrigued by something and it moved down the train. She let out another breath not thinking again. She went back to her compartment and sat down.

Caitlin, Amelia and Isis looked paled and frightened.

“What the hell was that?” Caitlin asked.

Genesis sat there as her friends all looked at her curiously. She looked up as the atmosphere started to change back to its normal warmth. She took another deep breath. “I think dementors were here on the train. They... they were looking for Sirius Black.” She lied not wanting to talk about what she had heard. She peered out the dark rainy window and curled up in her seat. She pulled out a cauldron cake, thankful it had some chocolate on it. She was tempted to go seek out her dad on the train but thought better of it when her friends kept staring at her. “I don't think they were supposed to do that.” She said as the train started to move again.

Isis looked up. “Wait till my father hears about those dreadful things. He won't like it.” She remarked giving another shudder.

“I don't think anyone will.” Genesis added looking back at the train door.