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05 August 2006 @ 10:45 pm
Across the Stars  
Teaser: "she looks more and more like her father each day."

It was a balmy August eve as Dyanel and Remus sat at the kitchen table drinking tea and going over wedding pictures. Now with all the Death Eaters in prison, it was easier to come out of hiding without fear. Genesis padded her three year old self into the room, her hair in two pigtails and her white dress was stained with mud. Dyanel looked up at her daughter, her lips pursing into a line that would make McGonagall proud.

"Genesis Marie, what have you been doing?" Dyanel inquired, pushing back her chair and walking over to her daughter.

Genesis fumbled with the hem of her dress. A small smile on her face. "Making pie." Genesis squeaked.

Remus raised an eyebrow at the little girl and wanted to chuckle. "What kind of pie?" He asked.

Dyanel turned to look at Remus. "Remus, don't encourage her. We were supposed to meet Aunt Linx at The Leaky Cauldron for dinner." Dyanel remarked, picking up her daughter, ignoring the mud.

Genesis gave her mother a look of innocence. “Magic cleans.” Genesis stated with a grin.

Dyanel gave a stern look at Genesis. "That's not the point. I shouldn't have to." Dyanel remarked, sitting Genesis on the counter and taking off the dress. A dress appeared next to the dirty one and Dyanel picked it up. "Hands up." She told Genesis, who lifted her hands. Dyanel changed her daughter, running the other dress under the faucet.

Remus watched, looking back down at the photographs. It was of the bridesmaid, Ember and Linx raising their glasses at them, while Snape made an attempt to hide. He smiled back up at Dyanel, loving her even more when she went into Mom mode. Dyanel wrung the dress, grabbing a couple of clothes pins and heading out the kitchen door to hang up the dress. When Dyanel came back in, she wiped her hands on her apron and Remus stood up to walk over to the counter. He picked up Genesis, kissing her forehead and placing her on the ground.

"Thank you, Papa." Genesis responded, her feet quickly making a pat sound on the kitchen floor as she headed out of the room.

Dyanel watched her daughter leave, wondering what she'd get into next. Remus arms wrapped around her waist pulling her close. "She grew up fast didn't she?" He asked, kissing her cheek.

Dyanel smiled. "A little, she looks more and more like her father each day." She said with a frown.

Remus turned Dyanel around, he was used to the random moments when Sirius came up. He ran his hand across his cheek. "She's fine Dy. You know I love her more than anything." He said with a smile.

Dyanel smiled back. "I know, but do you ever think about him knowing, or what about one of your own?" She asked with a grin.

Remus chuckled. "We could work on it, but we both know Linx doesn't like to be kept waiting." He said, kissing her.

Dyanel returned the kiss then pulled away nodding. "Yeah, she doesn't. Let's go." She said, picking up her coat. She walked into the hall and heard a clang in the living room. “Genesis Marie!” Dyanel scolded as she quickly took a step into the room.

Genesis was holding a rose and the vase was on the floor. Clearly the house's magic was too quick for a toddler, but it soaked up the mess just as fast.

"Sorry Mama." Genesis stated frowning.

Dyanel sighed, picking up her daughter and taking the flower out of her hand. Genesis laid her head on her mother's shoulder as Dyanel looked back at Remus. He smiled.

"Come on, before something else happens." He said, picking up the Floo Powder.

In the next minute they were dusting themselves off in the grates of the Leaky Cauldron.

"About time. I thought I was going to have to make small talk with Snape. You know how I enjoy that." Linx remarked rolling her eyes.

Dyanel shook her head. "Sorry, Genesis got into mud, then she knocked a vase over." Dyanel remarked.

Linx rolled her eyes. "Well Ember's here, so's Severus. They're with the twins and Lucan. Man I'm starting feel like I should pop out a kid." Linx remarked. She gave a shudder and walked down the rows of tables.

Dyanel smiled at Linx and walked wearily over to the table. Remus looked over at Dyanel with a quizzical brow. Dyanel smiled faintly at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Linx had taken the audacity of replacing Dyanel's duties of carrying Genesis around. Linx lead the three to the table she spoke of earlier. Dyanel smiled as she recognized Ember's red hair and Severus' now short locks. It was a bet he lost to Linx at the beginning of the year.

"Hey Dyanel, you wouldn't believe Lucan's aging process. He's already teething. Bugger, I wanted him to stay a child forever." Ember remarked with a small frown.

Dyanel smiled again, taking a seat and not saying a word. Remus was slightly worried about Dyanel's thoughts. She was usually a chatterbox on days they met up with the old gang. Narcissa's presence quickly made Dyanel sit up straight and take a deep breath.

"Now that we're all here, I guess it's about time for me to say something." Dyanel remarked pushing back her curls.

Remus stared at her carefully as Dyanel tweedled her thumbs. She took another deep breath and looked at Remus smile brightly. "I'm pregnant. Again, but Remus and I finally have an addition to the family." Dyanel stated honestly.

Remus' face went blank for a brief moment. He was sipping his drink; gulping it down he put down the cup. "That's... that's wonderful." Remus remarked, leaning over and squeezing her hand.

"What are you going to do?" Severus asked suddenly.

Remus glared at him for a moment. "This baby is a blessing. We'll worry about everything else later." He said smiling at Dyanel.

Dyanel blushed a bit and took a drink of water. Linx was staring at Dyanel awestruck. She had never heard of a demon and werewolf having children. Dyanel looked over at her sister briefly, but she was distracted by Genesis who was running around with a pale boy of three years of age with a girl who matched their mother's pale blonde hair and their father's pale skin.
confuzable on August 6th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
Naeclay_chaz on August 11th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
She's pregnant agggain! lol! I do actually like Dy as a mom. She's stern but leniant. Wow, keep writing =D