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30 March 2007 @ 08:45 pm
For awry  
Teaser: It'll calm you down a bit.

Remus paced the maternity ward at St. Mungo's for the sixth time. He was nervous more than anything having never really known how long it'd take for Dyanel to have their child. Linx walked into waiting room and smirked at the look of worry on Remus' face.

“Here, drink this. It'll calm you down a bit.” She remarked.

Remus took the cup and gave a small nod to Linx. He looked behind him over at the set of chairs where Genesis was sleeping curled up in a chair. He smiled slightly; not knowing what he would have done if he had given up on his love for Dyanel. He took a sip of the drink Linx handed him, recognize the flavor of chocolate immediately. The warmth seeped into his mouth and down his throat. It did calm his nerves a bit, but it wasn't helping the fact that Dyanel had been in labor for over seven hours. According to Linx it was normal, but it didn't make Remus feel any better.

The doors to the maternity ward swung open, making Remus turn quickly and nearly spilling his hot chocolate. The nurse looked tired, but she had a clipboard in her hand.

“Mr. Lupin?” She asked, walking right over. Remus gave a nod, handing Linx the cup. He was nervous about the news. As if reading his thoughts the nurse smiled at him. “Your wife is fine, she's ready to see you.” The nurse remarked joyfully.

Remus looked over at Linx and she gave him a smile. “Go see your child, I'll watch Genesis.” She stated.

Remus gave Linx a hug. “Thanks for sticking by.” He said.

“No problem.” Linx replied.

She walked over to the empty seat next to Genesis and sat down. She had been a bit uneasy as well. She never knew how mixed mortal races turned out and she prayed to the gods that her sister be all right. She was thankful she was and glad she had a new niece or nephew.

Remus followed the nurse through the doors, not knowing what to expect. It was just Linx at the delivery of Genesis. Everyone had been in hiding from one another. He had his hands in his pockets, unsure of where he was actually going. It was a long corridor, the colors a bit brighter than most of the other drab colors of the wards at the hospital. There paintings here and there, mostly of women mothering their children. He felt like the only male in this ward, but he wasn't going to complain since all he wanted to see was Dyanel and his child.

The nurse walked passed three doors before knocking on a door. She pushed opened the door and motioned for Remus to come in quietly. Remus stepped in, the room was warm, the window open letting in a soft breeze. Dyanel was laying down, a small figure in her arms. She smiled up at Remus; the sound of the door shutting behind him made Remus lose the sight. He walked up to the bed; Dyanel moving slightly to sit up straight. She held up the bundle in her hands and grinned.

“Hold your son Remus, careful with his head.” Dyanel stated groggy.

Remus carefully pick up his son from Dyanel's arms, placing his hand under the boy's head. The baby fidgeted in his blankets, yawning slightly as he lazily opened his eyes. Remus stared at his son's bright brown eyes and he felt a tear roll down his cheek. Dyanel smiled at the two and adjusted her posture.

“I named him Adam.” She remarked.

Remus looked up and smiled again. “Adam?” He asked.

Dyanel gave a nod. “I thought it was fitting since he's the first cross over.” Dyanel told him.

Remus gazed back down at the boy and smiled. “It does fit.” He said happily.

Dyanel smiled proudly. “He's healthy, weighed in at eight pounds exactly.” Dyanel said.

Remus stared down at Adam as his eyes closed drifting off to sleep. “Oh? I thought you were...” He trailed off not wanting to finish the sentence.

Dyanel looked sad for a moment; realizing what Remus was thinking. Ember had nearly passed away after the birth of Snape's son Isaak. She watched Remus move to the rocking chair across the room and sit down. She knew when it would be her time to go.
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